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Each delicate leaf in a package of Allegro Fine Tea is the culmination of the environmental impact of sun, soil, water and traditionally sustainable agricultural techniques in each region where the tea is cultivated. As with our coffee, we refer to this as a tea’s Taste of Place™. Combined with each tea origin’s time-honored and unique processing methods, Allegro Fine Tea offers a tactile way to experience the enchanting local culture in each of the following corners of the world…


Home to all types and styles of teas including world-class Chinese black, oolong, green, and white.

All are produced within the country and shipped to ports around the globe.


Especially known for its prized black teas from the mountains of Darjeeling, these Indian varieties are considered to be the “champagne of teas.” India also produces hearty Assam’s in the North and luscious Nilgiri’s in the hilly South.


Exports only fine green teas including matcha, sencha and other classic styles.

Sri Lanka

Produces and exports some of the world’s most popular black teas. Known as Ceylon teas, they are typically mellow yet offer full-bodied character, making them popular in breakfast blends and iced teas.