Allegro Coffee

Brewing Tea

The Perfect Steep

Making tea is simple: tea leaves, hot water and time.

Making great tea means starting with the finest-quality tea leaves, heating pure, cold water to the proper temperature and dialing in the perfect steeping time. Still pretty simple.

Even simpler: Use our temp and time guide to help brew our great teas perfectly every time.

For a stronger brew, use more tea. Increasing steeping time increases tannin levels, which causes bitterness. If that’s what you like, steep all you want. We bring you great tea. You make it how you like.

Don’t want to bother with a thermometer? Try this:

Black tea and herbal infusions--boil water then steep.

Oolong tea--boil water, cool one minute then steep.

Green and white teas--boil water, cool two minutes then steep.