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Allegro Coffee Small Batch Organic Suke Quto Experimental

Organic Ethiopia Suke Quto Experimental

  • Flavor Notes

    Red Plum, Orange, Blackberry Jam

  • Origin

    Sourced from the southern Guji zone of Ethiopia

  • Roast Profile

    Light Roast


We have worked with Tesfaye Bekele and his farm for over a decade. We are thrilled to exclusively offer his Organic Ethiopia Suke Quto Experimental. These experimental lots undergo an anaerobic fermentation process for up to 7 days in a sealed environment. Devoid of oxygen, this process limits the type of microbes that greatly impact flavor. After fermenting, they carefully shade dry the beans.

The flavors are the result of careful and innovative processing techniques, the intrinsic intensity and quality of the varieties grown, combined with the terroir and indigenous microbes found at Suke Quto farm. Tesfaye has harnessed the power of fermentation to selectively impart desired flavor into the final cup. These coffees are the result of everything coming together in perfect harmony. It’s an intense, deliciously fruity and extraordinarily unique cup.

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Why You'll Enjoy It

Tesfaye Bekele knows how to push the envelope. Through years of experimentation with different processing techniques, he’s truly honed his craft with this innovative anaerobic coffee. These dense and layered beans are bursting with juicy, candy sweetness, and fruity notes including orange, red plum, and blackberry jam. We hope you’ll share in the smiles and surprise we experienced when tasting this coffee with Tesfaye for the first time.

Origin Story

For this coffee we have selected two experimental trial lots from Tesfaye. They intentionally picked both lots in the same altitude. Then, the beans undergo an anaerobic process for a period of time (4 days and 7 days). Anaerobic fermentation limits oxygen and the intact coffee cherries are stored in a sealed environment for a number of days. Additionally, this limits the type of microbes that are able to survive (and actively participate in fermentation) in this environment devoid of oxygen, greatly impacting the end taste of the coffee. After fermenting, they ‘float’ the coffee to remove all the less dense, light beans. Lastly, they carefully shade dry the beans.

Producer Spotlight

As owner of Suke Quto farm, Tesfaye Bekele is an environmentalist, agronomist, horticulturist and true Innovator in specialty coffee. Not only does Suke Quto farm produce environmentally friendly coffee, but they do so while sustaining the locally community with a consistent income source. After a bushfire in the area years earlier, Tesfaye helped conserve the remaining forest. He distributed coffee plants and shade tree seedlings to the surrounding small farmers and recruited these out-growers to help replant the forest canopy. With this, Tesfaye -an environmentalist, agronomist and horticulturist- accomplished his dream of producing environmentally-friendly coffee while sustaining the local community with a consistent income source.


Altitude: 1800 – 2200 masl
Varieties: Kurume, Welicho
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

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