Organic Breakfast Blend - Allegro Coffee
Allegro Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend

Organic Breakfast Blend

  • Flavor Notes

    Milk Chocolate, Citrus, Caramel

  • Origin

    Latin America, Ethiopia

  • Roast Profile

    Light Roast

usda-organic fair-trade non-gmo

Bright and citrusy, with notes of milk chocolate and caramel, we roast our lively morning Organic Breakfast Blend to showcase its high mountain acidity and pick-me-up aroma. We source beans from organically certified farms in Latin America and mix them with wash-processed beans from small-holder organic farmers in Ethiopia. The result is a bright, shining light of a blend, these coffees create something vibrant and fresh.

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Why you’ll enjoy it

We roast this bright and citrusy light roast to showcase it’s high mountain acidity, bursting with flavor and aromatics. This lively coffee creates a pick-me-up cup full of citrus, milk chocolate, and caramel notes.

Origin Story

Organic Breakfast Blend – a straightforward name for an incredibly beautiful morning cup. True to the name, this blend will start your day off right, but there’s so much more to it. We selected high quality beans for our producer partners in Latin America and pair them with exceptional washed coffees from Ethiopia and roast them lightly to bring out the origin characteristics of the beans. The result is a bright, shining light of a blend, these coffees pairing to create something vibrant and fresh.

Producer Spotlight: Guatemala Maya Ixil

Maya Ixil is a cooperative of 200 producers in the remote tropical Ixcan region of Guatemala in the department of Quiche. The group formed in 1998 from 28 members who banded together to find a better market for their coffee. The group not only produces coffee, but provides programs for technical assistance, food security, and micro-lending to the members.

These small-holder farms are centered around the town of Santa Avelina, a small, remote community high in the mountains. The average farm size is .5 to 2 hectares. In 2012, cooperative members were hit hard by leaf rust, with a 70% decline in their coffee yields. Because of this the members looked to diversify their farms to include beekeeping. Currently the co-op sells their honey locally under the Maya Ixil brand and exports through a neighboring cooperative. This diversification is key to a livable income for these farms as the price of coffee as well as the price of honey is low.

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