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Allegro Coffee Decaf Organic Colombia El Premio de Timana

Decaf Colombia El Premio de Timana

  • Flavor Notes

    Savory, Dark Chocolate, Orange Zest

  • Origin


  • Roast Profile

    Medium Roast

fair-trade non-gmo swiss-water

Our savory Decaf Colombia El Premio de Timana blend hails from small-holder cooperative in the Huila region of southern Colombia. We source from the 300-member cooperative because of their sustainable farming practices and delicious hearty beans. We decaffeinate the beans through the innovative Swiss Water® Process. This coffee’s medium roast highlights its flavor notes of dark chocolate and orange zest.

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Why you’ll enjoy it

Full-bodied and savory, with bold notes of dark chocolate and orange zest, the beans for our Decaf Colombia El Premio de Timana are grown in the rugged, mountainous Huila region of Colombia. We source them from a 300-member, Fair Trade Certified co-op, which guarantees sustainable farming practices as well as beans with a deliciously hearty, full flavor. We then decaffeinate through the gentle Swiss Water® Process in Vancouver B.C.; a natural water and carbon filter method.

Origin Story

Decaf Colombia El Premio de Timana comes to us from the Asprotimana Association, a Fair Trade Certified co-op in the Huila region.  Small-holder farmers make up this co-op. Each farmer traditionally processes the coffees at their individual farms. Then, the farmers take their coffees to the association’s warehouse where lots are cupped and combined. As most producers in the Huila region are small-holders, Asprotimana has provided much needed support and market access. We have worked with Asprotimana over the years, and we are excited to highlight their exceptional coffees as a single origin offering.

Producer Spotlight: Colombia Asprotimana

Thirty two coffee farmers founded Asprotimana in 2001. These farmers founded the co-op because of their desire to create socio-economic stability for their families. Today the group has over 1000 members in the 22 villages surrounding the town of Timaná. For our selections we are working with a smaller group of 150 growers. The average farm size is also a bit larger, with 3-5 hectares being the norm. This farm size ensures that the farm owner is still managing every last detail. And, it’s still a good enough size where farmers can produce enough volume to ensure larger premiums for their quality. The result is the virtuous cycle of sustainability.

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