Sumatra Boru Batak - Allegro Coffee
Allegro Coffee Small Batch Sumatra Boru Batak

Sumatra Boru Batak

  • Flavor Notes

    Rosemary, Butterscotch, Molasses

  • Origin

    Sourced from small farms in the Lake Toba region of Sumatra

  • Roast Profile

    Light Roast

Our Sumatra Boru Batak comes from the southern shore of the massive volcanic crater Lake Toba, in the village of Lintong Nihuta. The farmers here are Batak, a culturally distinctive indigenous group. Boru Batak refers to the women’s family heritage, as they are the backbone of the coffee economy in Lintong. The unique wet-hulled process and superior sorting methods of these coffee producers create distinctively complex and aromatic flavors with a syrupy body.

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