Rainforest Blend - Allegro Coffee
Allegro Coffee Rainforest Blend

Rainforest Blend

  • Flavor Notes

    Toasted Almond, Cocoa, Caramel

  • Origin

    Latin America

  • Roast Profile

    Medium-Dark Roast

non-gmo rainforest-alliance

We source our warm, nutty Rainforest Blend exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Latin America. We select these farms because of their commitment to environmental conservation and worker welfare. Then, we roast them to a medium-dark level to bring out their rich cocoa, caramel and toasted almond notes.

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Why You'll Love it

Warm and nutty, our Rainforest Blend features flavor notes caramel and cocoa along with toasted almonds. We blend washed process coffees from Latin American farms that all hold the Rainforest Alliance Certification™. Then, we roast it to a medium-dark level. Because why should distinctive directly sourced coffees always be roasted lightly?

Origin Story

Our Rainforest Blend was created to highlight long-term Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms in Latin America – farms that have been doing it right for years. We highlight these farms in this special blend because these are also some of our oldest relationships. Long-term partnerships are an incredibly important component to how we source coffee. Featuring them together in a blend is one way that we honor these relationships.

Producer Spotlight: El Jaguar

El Jaguar is a family-run coffee farm located in the mountains of Jinotega in Nicaragua. Owners George and Lili Duriaux-Chavarria have been growing organic coffee here since they inherited the farm from Lili’s father. We’ve worked with El Jaguar since 2001, so it has become one of our longest partnerships. The 200 acres of cloud forest, plus the fifty acres of sustainable coffee production serves as a Private Nature Preserve and a Bird Sanctuary. The Duriaux-Chavarria family takes El Jaguar takes sustainability to a higher, a balanced level. They truly grow coffee in harmony with the environment. Furthermore, the coffee provides the funds to be able to protect the flora and fauna of that environment.

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