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Allegro Coffee Organic Espresso Bel Canto

Organic Espresso Bel Canto

  • Flavor Notes

    Cocoa, Berry

  • Origin

    Ethiopia, Americas

  • Roast Profile

    Medium Roast

usda-organic fair-trade non-gmo

Our Organic Espresso Bel Canto layers hearty and rich beans from the Americas with fruit-forward beans from Ethiopia. The result is a complex medium roast espresso with notes of berries and cocoa. Bel Canto means “beautiful song.” We take great pride making sure its flavor matches that image. This espresso also makes an elegant drip-brewed coffee. 

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Why you’ll enjoy it

Organic Espresso Bel Canto is our signature espresso blend. This blend perfectly balance of origin flavors complemented by skillful roasting. Roasting to a medium level develops the sweetness needed for a delicious espresso shot. With inherent clarity and complex flavors, enjoy as a shot on its own or in your brewing method of choice.

Origin story

The name means ‘beautiful song.’ We likewise take great care to make sure the flavor of this blend matches this image. Firstly, we develop this complex espresso by creating a base layer of complex and rich beans from the Americas. Then, we complement them with the intense fruity coffees of Ethiopia.

Producer Spotlight: Ethiopia Shakisso

Shakisso Farm is located in the Guji zone in the southern Oromia Region. Haile Gebre and his wife Dimbelal Endale started this organic farm in 2001. Haile and his wife own two farms and a washing station under the Mordecofe (Mora Mora River Valley Development Organic Coffee) umbrella. In addition, Haile and his wife also work with 300 small-holder farmers (or ‘out-growers’ as they are called in Ethiopia) surrounding Mordecofe. The farm is spread out over 640 hectares with about 420 hectares planted with semi-forest coffee. It has its own nursery sites to grow seedlings to which the out-growers can access free of charge.

Haile is also passionate about organic farming and believes that this is the only truly sustainable way to produce coffee. He has a program to compost organic material, including the pulp from coffee cherries, and encourages his out-grower partners to follow this program as well. Haile cares deeply about the environment. To this end has set aside 70 hectares to keep as a natural forest preserve and takes a very careful and considered approach to farming coffee sustainably.

In addition, Haile works closely with the 300 out-growers to face the challenges of their delicate ecosystem, poor farming education, and limited access to quality and sustainability programs. Haile believes enthusiastically that Mordecofe’s success is reliant on the success of the local community in Shakisso. They have many social programs in place to help develop the local community. They have also helped build a primary school for the local community to provide care and education to the children of Mordecofe’s out-grower partners.

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