Decaf Organic Whole Foods Blend - Allegro Coffee
Allegro Coffee Decaf Organic Whole Foods Blend

Decaf Organic Whole Foods Blend

  • Flavor Notes

    Sweet, Spicy, Smoky

  • Roast Profile

    Medium-Dark Roast

usda-organic fair-trade non-gmo swiss-water

Our Decaf Organic Whole Foods Blend takes decaffeinated organic light roasts from Latin America and Ethiopia and contrast it with our Organic French Roast, creating a highly distinctive coffee with notes of spice, sweetness and smoke. Prior to roasting, the beans are decaffeinated through the innovative Swiss Water® Process. A perfect contrast of bright and dark that brews a truly unique cup of coffee.

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Why You'll Enjoy It

Our spicy, sweet, smoky Decaf Organic Whole Foods Blend is a study of contrasts. We mix lightly roasted organic beans from Latin America and Ethiopia with darker organic French Roast beans. The result is a coffee as distinctive in taste as it is in appearance. Complex and invigorating, this blend has quickly become our go-to favorite.

Origin Story

What if we take two of our customer’s favorite blends and put them together?  That’s exactly what we did to create this unique post-roast partnership. First, we take a lightly roasted blend of organic beans from Latin America and Ethiopia. Next, we add some of our Organic French Roast to create a coffee that is distinctive in taste as it is in appearance. We decaffeinate the beans at the organically certified Swiss Water® plant in Vancouver, BC using a natural water and carbon filter method.

Producer Spotlight: Peru Valles de Café

Cooperativa Agraria Valles de Café is a young cooperative of dedicated producers. They are located in the San Ignacio province in the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru. Founded in 2017 with 45 members, the group has grown to 136 in 2020. While a relatively new partnership, Valles de Café has become a core part of our sourcing family. The co-op focuses on continual improvement, not only in the quality of their coffees, but also in the quality of life of members.

We have worked with the cooperative, along with exporter and importer, on a project to improve conditions for drying of the coffees. As a part of this project, the co-op built impressive drying structures. These structures are where they can dry the green coffee in parchment to optimum levels in a controlled environment. This leads to improved quality and consistency, and aids in efficiency for the farmer. This year, 30 drying modules were constructed at the farms of individual member of the cooperative.

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