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David Lynch Signature Cup - Decaf Org. House Blend, 5 lb.

  • Flavor Notes

    Sweet, Smooth, Smoky

Beans come from a blend of the Americas, East Africa, Arabia, and the islands of the Pacific Rim.  These highest quality beans are able to have their flavors stand up to the decaf process.  This coffee is just as flavorful as regular coffee.

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David Lynch, the American filmmaker, writer, musician, and visual artist, is a huge fan of coffee and an avid coffee drinker – well over 10 cups of coffee a day.

Wanting to have an organic coffee he could continually trust, he taste-tested hundreds of coffees to find the perfect organic blends on which to put his name. Looking for high quality and great taste, he finally found his dream coffee in an environmentally friendly and committed to sustainability domestic coffee company, who gathers coffees from around the world.

Choosing only organically grown beans, David established an extensive, personalized testing method, and began to systematically narrow down the field of his favorites roasts and beans. He continued for months testing and tweaking the profiles on his favorites, eventually choosing three unique coffee blends to package under his own label.

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee is very proud to offer it’s 3 premier coffees: Organic Espresso, Organic House Roast, and Organic Decaf French Roast.

All of the coffee used is organically grown, and it all comes to us through fairly traded means, often times through long-term contracts with single-family farms instead of just through bigger cooperatives. In addition, there is a special, dedicated coffee handler and each bag is uniquely hand-packed and hand-labeled.

David Lynch - By Dean Hurley

“I drink coffee when I work. Not only is the flavor great, but I like to think there’s good ideas in every bag.” - David Lynch