Allegro Coffee



Cocoa, toasted nuts, candied citrus.

This year's Celebration Caffe brings together two coffees from important Allegro relationships, the first from the Risaralda region of Colombia and the second from the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. Cooperativa Departamental de Caficultores de Risaralda is a more recent relationship for Allegro and we wanted to highlight this new partnership in this year's holiday blend.  Flor Amarilla Arriba has produced consistent quality and we are happy to bring this coffee to the blend. The Risaralda and Flor AmarillaArriba when combined together bring flavors of toasted nuts, cocoa, and underlying candied citrus balanced by caramel notes. In the spirit of the holiday season, this year we have built a premium into the price we have paid for these stand-out lots. This premium will be used for school projects in the communities where these coffees are grown.

Medium Roast


8 oz.
6 or more $5.39