Allegro Coffee



Balsamic, red apple, heavy and syrupy.

Doi Pangkhon villagers are comprised of several indigenous hill tribes, including the Akha, Yao and Lahu people who reside in areas with altitudes ranging from 1250-1600 meters above sea level. The main economic crop for these farmers is Arabica coffee, however other types of fruit trees suitable for high elevation farming, such as macadamia, peach, persimmon, plum, and pear, are also cultivated. Villagers plant vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes to sustain their livelihood and diversify their sources of income. Allegro Coffee Company has been working with the  Cheku family who is a part of the Akha tribe, to assist them in setting up a cooperative. 17 farmers make up this 120 bg micro lot from the northern region of Chaang Mai. These growers have been cultivating coffee in the rugged mountaineous region for nearly 20 years and have banded together in some of the higher altitudes of this Karen dominated community. 

Medium Roast

12 oz.
6 or more $13.49