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Sustainability – the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

Since the very beginning, we’ve been committed to a model that supports sustainability in every step of the way. For every milestone, big decision, and partnership we’ve forged, we’ve worked towards something that’s good for everyone. This is a breakdown of all the big moments that have gotten us where we are today, and the incredible partnerships and alliances we continue to foster.

1977 —
Our Boulder Beginnings

Where it all began. Originally called “Brewing Market”, we roasted and served specialty coffee in a small shop in Boulder, Colorado during the burgeoning natural foods movement of the 1970s. A few years later, we started our wholesale operation that we continue to grow to this day.


1986 —
Certified Organic Roastery

We were among the first coffee roasters in the country to offer Certified Organic coffee - long before organic coffee was common. We're proud to have taken this step early on in our history, benefitting both consumers looking for more organic options, and coffee farmers looking to promote the health of our planet.

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1995 —
Planet Bluegrass Partnership

Our longstanding sponsorship of Planet Bluegrass began with a likeminded philosophy on sustainability, making the planet better, and having a good time.

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1997 —
Whole Foods Market family

After many years of supplying Whole Foods Market stores with specialty and organic coffees, teas and brewing equipment, we officially joined the family in December of 1997, further cementing our shared values around sustainability and quality. As a wholly owned subsidiary, we're proud to offer our packaged coffee in every Whole Foods location and brewed coffee in many store coffee bars and cafés. Throughout our partnership, we've continued to sell to our loyal restaurant and coffee shop accounts who have been with us since the beginning.

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2000 —
Swiss Water ® Process Decaf

When it comes to decaf, the Swiss Water® Process is the gold standard. This chemical-free, gentle decaffeination begins with pure water and ends with amazing coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free.

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2001 —
New Roastery

We eventually outgrew our space in Boulder and moved our headquarters from a 50,000 square foot space to a 138,000 square foot space in Thornton, Colorado, where we still roast today. Our current location also accommodates our tea operations.


2002 —
Composting & Recycling

Adding a recycling and composting program to our Colorado headquarters helped us reduce our waste. This was an effective and easy addition to our sustainability initiatives.

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2002 —
Making Coffee Matter

Originally named High Five for Farmers®, our Making Coffee Matter started as a series of special seasonal coffees released throughout the year to support social and environmental programs at coffee origin. It has since expanded into helping some of our favorite domestic nonprofit partners. For each feature, we donate $10,000 to beneficiaries working to make the world a better place.

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2003 —
Trees Water People paper offset

We are committed to sustainability whenever possible, which is why we partnered with Trees Water People to plant five trees for every tree of paper we use.

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2007 —
Fair Trade Certified™ Coffee

Adding Fair Trade Certified™ coffee to our lineup was an important step in giving our farmers more opportunities to sell their coffee for a better price.

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2007 —
Rainforest Alliance Certified™

Adding Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee to our lineup was a no brainer. Partnering with farmers who are dedicated to sustainable farming and paying them a premium for it aligns perfectly with our sourcing practices.

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2013 —
Small Batch Coffees

Originally called Allegro Coffee Roasters (ACR), we developed our Small Batch program as a way of offering rare, unique, smaller lot coffees from some of the world's most innovative coffee producers. Visit our flagship Small Batch location in Denver on Tennyson street, where you can see the roasting in action while tasting the unique and unexpected flavor profiles of these exceptional coffees.

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2013 —
Bird Friendly® Coffee

Our Organic Early Bird Blend is Smithsonian Bird Friendly® Certified. This shade-grown coffee provides a forest-like habitat for birds, including threatened migratory bird species.

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2013 —
World Coffee Research Founding Member & Donor

Our sourcing Director, Christy Thorns, sat on the initial board when World Coffee Research was created. We admire and are proud to be a part of their dedication to research and creating a future that’s sustainable for coffee production.

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2015 —
Non-GMO Project Verified

We proudly take the extra steps to verify our core Allegro Coffee lineup though the Non-GMO Project.

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2016 —
Prodigy Coffeehouse Partnership

Prodigy Coffee hires at-risk youth and provides barista education and training, and we're proud to have been a supporter since the beginning. Prodigy's goal is to teach their staff how to become successful leaders in any post-barista career they choose to persue. We are happy ongoing partners with this incredible, social enterprise in our hometown.

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2016 —
Responsible Sourcing Initiative

We created a formal process for something we have been doing for years—responsibly sourcing coffee. The Responsible Sourcing Initiative is a supply chain model that creates transparency and a level playing field for the people and communities who grow coffee.

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2019 —
Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide

A big step in creating a more sustainable pricing model for roasters and importers across the world, we're proud to contribute data and make financial contributions to support the continued development of this project.

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