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Chocolate Regions

Drinking. Chocolate.

Talk about a match made in heaven. What could be better? Let us help you out with that question. We’ve gone to the source and found cacao beans that burst with tart, bright fruitiness wrapped in deep cocoa flavor. Like our coffee and tea, we celebrate the unique essence of single-origin chocolate from the world’s best growing regions by allowing the subtleties of taste to emerge in your cup.

The Aztecs believed cocoa beans were brought to them by gods. You’ll feel like one when you drink ours.


The cacao used in our Colombian drinking chocolate is grown on the slopes of the Yariquies Mountains, on small and medium sized farms that together support over 12,000 families. It has a distinct, fruity flavor with notes of raw almonds, cinnamon and a hint of orange, which makes it the perfect complement to dense breads, muffins, and breakfast pastries, especially those with raisins and nuts.

Costa Rica

The cacao used to make our Costa Rican drinking chocolate is grown on a certified organic farm in the Caribbean lowlands, surrounded by pineapple and banana plantations. It’s a classic milk chocolate: creamy, mild, and slightly sweet, with subtle coffee notes and a beautiful auburn hue. The consummate crowd-pleaser, this chocolate is a wonderful, all-occasion treat.

Explore with us the harvest of cacao in Costa Rica.  


Dominican Republic

The wonderful cacao used in our Dominican drinking chocolate is from the 9,000-member CONACADO Cooperative, the largest organic fair trade co-op in the world. Because farming in this region never “modernized,” organic growing methods have been a way of life for generations; the farmers there today are leaders in sustainable agricultural practices.

The cacao they produce has a classically rich and earthy bittersweet flavor, with subtle notes of nutmeg and clove.


We buy the cacao used in our Peruvian drinking chocolate from a co-op located on the edge of the Peruvian Amazon. Grown amidst bananas and orchids, this cacao has an upfront sweetness and a hint of fruit and flower in its flavor, which results in a mild drinking chocolate, light in color with a pleasingly dry finish. Itís the perfect complement to pretzels and other savory, salty snacks.