Allegro Coffee

Coffee Regions

Tropic Wonder

In the tropics, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, in higher-elevation volcanic soil with a frost-free climate, moderate rainfall and tons of sunshine is where the very best coffee grows. Yes, it’s that exact. And we’re even more exacting in picking the beans that carry our benchmark, Taste of Place.

We constantly search for the highest-quality beans, and currently partner with growers at more than fifty farms who use traditional and sustainable methods when growing, harvesting and processing our coffees. We then pay them more than even the highest standards recommend, which helps ensure that every cup of Allegro coffee tastes awesome year after year.

Hey, when you find the needle in the tropical haystack, we should all benefit. Especially you, right now, with your cup.

The Americas

Allegro’s coffees from the Americas are typically sweet and balanced with notes of chocolate and roasted nuts. We invite you to ignite your day with any of the following in your morning cup…

Africa & Arabia

Our coffees from Africa and Arabia have some of the most exciting flavor profiles in the world, with vibrant fruit and enticing floral bouquets. These coffees are unrivaled in their intense flavors.

The Pacific

Coffees from the Pacific are smooth, full-bodied, often earthy and usually low in acidity. Coffees from the Pacific are especially satisfying during the winter months when many of us are craving richer, heavier foods.