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We love coffee. 

We love the community it creates, from seed to cup. We love the craft of coffee, and the conversation that comes with it.

This love and passion inspired us to create Allegro Coffee Roasters–curated coffee bars and roasteries that deliver the best coffee experience in the world.

At each location we roast in small batches that you can see while you’re ordering. And these aren’t just any beans we’re roasting. They’re sourced from unique markets where we’ve cultivated relationships that ensure sustainable futures for farmers and for us. They’re hand-bagged, hand date-stamped, and sent out to the local Whole Foods stores in the area.

At the café, we grind the beans specifically for the brewing method when you order. But it’s not just coffee we’re serving up. We offer delicious hand-made delights, embracing partnerships with local dairies, bakeries and suppliers.

Come have a cup with us and see how each bar is uniquely inspired by its surroundings.

Quality and equality. Proof and process. Locals and loyalty.

It’s what we’re about at every Allegro Coffee Roasters.


Come experience Denver’s community coffee destination at our flagship roastery and café in the historic Berkeley neighborhood. We’ve inhabited a historic and beloved hardware store, preserving many of its original elements including a tradition of customer service and hard working energy. We’ve modernized it with a ModBar pour-over station, La Marzocco espresso machine, BKON Craft Tea Brewer and a Loring drum roaster–the first of its kind in Colorado. 

Large windows welcome the Colorado sunshine, and garage doors open up on all those wonderful warm days we’re lucky to get. Take a seat next to your friends and neighbors at our large community table and watch us roast Mister Twisterour house espresso blend created just for this location. We’ve named it after a popular wooden roller coaster from the original Elitch Gardens that was said to have “not a foot of straight track.” 

We serve small bites, pastries and grab and go items sourced from local bakeries, growers and producers, and made right here in our kitchen.

4040 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212
(720) 630-8157
Hours of Operation: 6:30am-6:00pm 


Our roots are in Boulder. It’s where Allegro Coffee Company was founded in 1977. It feels so right to bring our roasting full circle with an Allegro Coffee Roasters location. Inside Whole Foods Market Pearl Street you’ll discover coffee like never before thanks to this intimate micro-roaster and café.

This space is designed to foster interaction between curious coffee drinkers, brewing baristas and our meticulous roastmaster. Our Diedrich IR-12 gas drum roaster is in plain view so customers can see the process of roasting small-batch, single-origin coffees. Perfectly low countertops encourage the conversation you’ve always wanted to have with your barista. Feel free to pause and check out our hardwarethe Strada EE espresso machine; or the ModBar for hand-brewing with our Chemex or Hario V60. This location will also feature a nitro cold brew tap, plus a roster of Allegro loose leaf teas, and hand-packed, uniquely sourced beans roasted on site.

The opportunities to savor a moment with Allegro Coffee Roasters Boulder are endless. Grab a perfectly pulled shot of our house specialty East Face Espresso, named after Boulder’s most amazing naturally beautiful feature, and enjoy the southern facing view of the glistening Flatirons and experience how we’re cultivating community from seed to cup.

2905 Pearl Street (at Whole Foods Market)
Boulder, CO 


Allegro Coffee Roasters in the Gilman District in Berkeley, CA, holds a special place in our hearts. It was our first venture; a place where we could showcase our love for roasting and brewing small batch, single-origin, and specialty coffees.

It joins a neighborhood with deep history.  Known to punk rock fans as “Gilman,” located nearby at 924 Gilman Street is the Alternative Music Foundation, a venue for punk rock bands and a springboard for groups like Green Day, Operation Ivy, Rancid and The Offspring. As an homage, we named our house espresso roast 924 Espresso. Located within Whole Foods, Allegro Coffee Roasters provides a coffee experience that’s head and shoulders above what’s available in most grocery stores. It’s live coffee roasting, happening right before your eyes.

We offer coffee education, cuppings, and lots and lots of free smells. Come in for a noseful of exotic aromas and a cupful of incredible tastes. We’re dedicated to roasting and serving the most beautiful, delicious cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

1025 Gilman Street (at Whole Foods Market)
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 809-8293


If there’s one thing Brooklyn knows, it’s hand-crafted, curated, quality foods and drinks. So at this Allegro Coffee Roasters location in the first Whole Foods Market in the neighborhood, we’ve outfitted our café and roastery with the highest quality, most technically advanced grinders, steamers, espresso machines and roasters to deliver an outstanding cup of coffee. (We think so, anyway.)

We have individual La Marzocca Strada MP stations allowing the barista to really work their magic with a single machine. And our beans are roasted in a Diedrich machine allowing for specialty roasting by our fulltime roastmaster. 

Reflecting all the diversity and vibrancy of the neighborhood, we make every effort to help each customer find the beans and brewing method they’ll enjoy. And just like at every Allegro Coffee Roasters, we roast, bag, and hand stamp flavor notes and roasting date on each bag available for purchase at the café.

Come join us for a cup of coffee and see how we’re cultivating community from seed to cup.

214 Third Street (at Whole Foods Market)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 907-3622

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