Allegro Coffee

How We Source

How We Source

We source extraordinary coffee. But it doesn’t happen just through chance or luck. We cultivate caring from the ground up by creating lasting partnerships with our coffee farmers. We’re proud to tell you about our sourcing practices, and we’re happy you want to read about them.

What We Do

First and foremost, we seek out the highest quality coffee that tastes phenomenal and has a unique origin. This is what drives us to source the best, most interesting beans from coffee growing regions around the world and build strong, lasting relationships with new and existing farm partners. It’s also what motivates our sourcing team to travel to the far reaches, at times making an adventurous journey on barely distinguishable roads. They have the very lucky job of trekking the globe in search of remarkable coffee and exploring the origins of where our delicious coffee comes from, so that each bag we sell has a sense of place. They hear the stories from the farm, get to know the land and the people, understand the soil and the climate that will produce our outstanding coffee. They are the link between the producer, the coffee and the process.

How We Do It

Sourcing coffee is a long journey, but actually not a very complicated process, because we stick to a standard that really focuses in on a specific kind of farm and cooperative. Our standard always yields the best coffee, and the best to us is not just coffee that tastes incredible, but it’s coffee that’s enriching a community.

We start by selecting farms committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly practices that are rooted and invested in their communities. We pay our farming partners a fair price that exceeds their cost of production so they can reinvest in their farms, hire and retain the best workers and grow a strong business.  We actively donate money to enable the communities to continue thriving, and remain healthy, educated and prosperous.

Coffee is more than just roasting beans. It’s the craft and the community. We value both and will always take our sourcing methods seriously, doing what’s right every step of the way.