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Top 5 trails for bikes and brews

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Our favorite trails for bikes and brews in Colorado

With the launch of our annual Organic Hard Wired Coffee, supporting Lefthand Brewery’s Team Lefthand Bike MS, we got to thinking about bikes and brews (the perfect pair). Colorado riders are spoiled with trails. What’s even better? Many of those trails are within close proximity to some of the best breweries in the country. We pulled together a few of our favorite trails, for both roadies and mountain bikers, with options for all levels.

1. For the mountain biker who likes a good view:

The North Table Mountain Loop is perfect for the mid-level mountain biker who enjoys a recreational ride that ends with a great brew. Amazing views of Denver and Golden bring riders from across the state. For those who need a refreshing beverage immediately after completing their ride, New Terrain Brewing Co is a stone’s throw from the trail head.

2. For the advanced mountain biker who like to change it up:

Dakota Ridge Trail has a myriad of options for trail junkies, giving you lots of options to change up the course and plenty of technical terrain. Start and end this ride at Over Yonder Brewing Company with a delicious IPA or Kettle Sour.

3. For the leisurely roadie who likes a brew before hitting the road:

Chatfield Loop is a great easy weekend ride for all levels. Grab a beer at Breckenridge Brewery before you head out or after a ride, this trail lends itself nicely to a pre-ride brew. Or skip the brewery and bring the kids out for some fresh air and exercise.

Bikes and brews in Colorado

4. For the serious cyclist who enjoys suffering:

Not for the faint of heart, Squaw Pass is the real deal. Cut the ride short and turn around at Echo Lake or push it the whole way to Mt Evans. There’s no reward without a little pain, right? This incredibly scenic ride has options for either road or gravel and you will definitely earn that post-ride beer at Westbound and Down Brewing Company in Idaho Springs.

5. For the roadie who enjoys a twofer:

Start at one brewery, pit-stop at second brewery halfway through? If this sounds like your kind of ride, check out the LoBo trail. Start at Lefthand Brewing Co and ride to Finkel & Garf, then back to Lefthand. With minimal elevation gain, this trail makes a great, scenic ride for a weekend bike and brew.

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