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Suke Quto Experimental Coffee

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With the release of our incredibly special and unique Suke Quto Experimental Coffee, we chatted with our sourcing director, Christy Thorns on what makes this coffee so remarkable and why it’s considered experimental. Here’s what you need to know about Suke Quto…

What makes this coffee special?

Christy: This experimental lot is special because with this type of fermentation process you get super interesting flavor notes. A cup profile that really shows a combination of flavors you would find in the traditional Ethiopia processes, the bright citrus and stone fruit of a washed method combined  the super sweet jammy fruit of a natural method.

What is anerobic fermentation?

Christy: Anaerobic Fermentation is a -newer- method used in coffee in which the coffee cherries are processed in a sealed -oxygen free- environment like a tank, barrel or bag. The lack of oxygen both slows down the fermentation time and affects the types of microbes available for the process, both of which can significantly alter the end flavor of the coffee.

Why is this coffee exciting to you?

Christy: This coffee is exciting for me because these experimental processes are taking coffee into the future. The ability to diversify and offer new and unique coffees puts more value and control into the hands of the producer. With these special, very small batch lots, Tesfeye is able garner higher prices and expand his customer base making his business more resilient for the long term.

Anything else interesting you’d like to add?

Christy: Something about the farmers? Tesfeye Bekele is just a special human being. He has built Suke Quto farm, his washing stations, and his program for small-scale out-growers literally from the ground up into now what is a Grand Cru of the Guji Zone. He did this all the while focusing on his environmental impact and his community’s development.



Order a bag of our limited Suke Quto Experimental Coffee and show us how you brew, tag us on Instagram!

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