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How To Brew French Press Coffee

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French Press Brew Guide

We love the classic brew of a French press, it’s a great first step to brewing coffee by hand. If you’re wondering how to brew French press coffee, our easy tutorial will get you brewing in no time! Try brewing with our Organic Breakfast Blend or The Elements.




56 grams of coffee and 907 grams (32 oz) water


Coarse – coffee should be about the size of polenta


Make sure your water reaches a temperature between 195-205 degrees F (92-96 C)



1. Fill kettle with water and bring to proper temperature.

2. Preheat the French Press using hot water and set aside while preparing coffee and scale for brewing.

3. Place brewing equipment on scale and add 56 grams of coffee. Tare your scale to zero and start your timer.

4. Pour water over the grounds until you’ve reached the target weight of 907 grams. The coffee should form a foamy head that you may need to knock down with a brief stir before being able to complete the pour to the proper weight.

5. Brew for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, slowly press the plunger down until fully pressed to bottom. Do not press too quickly. If pressing becomes difficult, pull handle up slightly and then continue pressing.

6. Pour a tiny amount of coffee out of press to remove grounds around spout. Pour and enjoy.

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