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Hario V60 Brew Guide

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Hario V60 is one of our favorite ways to brew. If you’ve never tried using this brew method, it can seem intimidating. We’ve broken it down into simple steps, watch our Hario V60 Brew Guide, follow the steps, and you’ll be a pour over pro in no time!


Hario® V60 #02 filter cone

Hario® V60 #02 oxygen whitened filter

• Electric Hot Water Kettle (Hario® Buono or Bonavita® gooseneck spout kettle is recommended for controlled pouring)

• Hario® V60 #02 glass carafe or other serving vessel.

Scale with ability to measure grams.


• 28 grams of coffee and 453 grams (16 oz.) of water


• Fine – coffee should be about the size of common black pepper



• Make sure your water reaches a temperature between 195-205◦ F (92-96◦ C)



1. Fill gooseneck kettle with water and bring to proper temperature.

2. Place paper filter inside the cone and pour hot water over filter to rinse thoroughly. Rinsing the filter will get rid of any paper flavors and will preheat the cone and carafe. Be sure to discard water from carafe after rinse.

3. Add the 28 grams of coffee to the filter. Make sure ground coffee is level. If the water is at the target temp it’s time to start brewing. Place brewing equipment on scale. Tare scale to zero and start the timer.

The Pour:

1. Bloom – pour approximately 50 grams or just enough water over the grounds to saturate them evenly and allow 30 seconds for coffee to degas. Do not rush the 30 second bloom – it lets the coffee degas and prepares the coffee for the rest of the brewing process.

2. After 30 seconds pour the rest of the water over the grounds using a slow even flow rate. Pour in a spiral pattern, starting from the center of the grounds and working outwards towards the edge of the filter to break down the bloom and saturate the grounds evenly. Take care not to pour water over the edges of the paper filter and higher than the grounds themselves, as the water will simply bypass the coffee and fall into the carafe below.

3. There should be about an inch of unused filter from the top of the filter to the bed of grounds. Control the pour to achieve so that coffee stays in the lower part of the filter.

4. Desired brew time is 3 – 4 minutes

5. Remove cone from carafe and serve the coffee. Thoroughly wash brewing equipment after every use.

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