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Chemex Brew Guide

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Chemex Brew Guide

We love the clean taste you get from brewing with a Chemex. If you’ve never used this brew method before, or it’s been a while and you want to refresh your pour, our Chemex brew guide gives you an easy step-by-step.




45 grams of coffee and 750 grams (approx. 25 oz) of water


Coarse – coffee should be about the size of polenta


Make sure your water reaches a temperature between 195-205 degrees F (92-96 C)



1. Fill gooseneck kettle with water and bring to proper temperature.

2. Open the filter into a cone shape. One side should have 3 layers. This side should be placed toward the pouring spout. Immediately use hot water to thoroughly rinse filter using a few quick circular passes. Rinsing the filter will get rid of any paper flavors and will preheat the cone/vessel. Let all the water drain out of the filter into the carafe and discard.

3. Add 45 grams of coffee to the filter. Make sure coffee bed is level.  Place brewing equipment on scale. Tare scale to zero and start the timer.


Pour just enough water over the grounds to saturate them evenly and allow 30 seconds for coffee to degas. Do not rush the 30 second bloom – it lets the coffee degas and prepares the coffee for the rest of the brewing process.


1. The objective is to achieve three separate pours, reaching a combined total of 520 grams.

2. Pour in a slow circular motion to 320 grams. Make sure to saturate all of the coffee grounds while avoiding pouring on the filter. This pour should fill the cone approximately ¾ full. Once water level has reduced to ½ way it is time for the second pour.

4. Second pour should come to 420g. and take the water level back to ¾ full. Once water level has reduced to ½ it is time for the third and final pour.

5. Third pour should come to final target weight of 520 grams. Desired brew time is 3.5 – 4 minutes

6. Discard filter, pour and enjoy.

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