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Aeropress Brew Guide

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Aeropress Brew Guide

The Aeropress is so versatile, it’s a great way to brew at home or on the road. Lightweight and made from plastic, it’s the perfect way to get a great cup of coffee while camping! Our Aeropress brew guide breaks down the steps, making it easy to brew along. Give it a try next time you’re hitting the trails.





14 grams of coffee and 225 grams (~7.5 oz) of water


Fine – coffee should be the size of  common ground pepper


Filtered water. Temperature between 195-205 degrees F (92-96 C)



1. Place paper filter in filter cap and rinse with hot water.

2. Place plunger into chamber with the rubber seal just below the #4 mark on the chamber.

3. Turn AeroPress upside down and set on counter with chamber side up. Fill press with hot water to preheat. When ready with ground coffee, hot water and scale dump hot water from AeroPress.

5. Put AeroPress upside down on scale and tare. Add ground coffee and tare scale again.

6. Start timer and immediately add 150 grams of hot water to chamber.

8. Use AeroPress stirrer or long-stemmed spoon to stir contents no more than four times to fully agitate brew and knock down bloom.

9. Add water until scales registers 225g.

10. When scale timer reaches 1:30 minutes, screw filter cap with paper filter onto the chamber.

11. Turn AeroPress right side up and set directly onto the rim of a cup. Firmly press straight down and extract coffee into the cup taking no more than 15 seconds.


If your coffee is very fresh, the bloom may be too robust to add all 225 grams of water in one pour. Add as much water as possible and wait a second for the bloom to dissipate before continue adding water until you reach 225 grams of water.

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