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Cold Brew Negroni: The Perfect Coffee Cocktail

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Easy Cold Brew Negroni

Is summer ending or is fall beginning? As the season changes, a cold brew Negroni is the perfect transition drink to sip on while the days start to get a little cooler, and a little shorter. No cold brew on hand? Use our easy recipe to brew a batch overnight, you only need a small amount for the cocktail so save the rest for easy coffee in the morning!


  • 1oz gin
  • 1oz Campari, or similar red bitter aperitivo
  • 1oz Kenya Zuri cold brew
  • 1oz vermouth
  • orange peel


  • Mix gin, aperitivo, cold brew, and vermouth together.
  • Add ice to a cocktail glass, pour mixture over ice and stir.
  • Add orange peel and enjoy!

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