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Organic Ethiopia Shakisso

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Our Small Batch Organic Ethiopia Shakisso is more than a great cup of coffee from Ethiopia’s renowned Guji region, it’s the product of a 15 year relationship. Supporting a passionate farmer for years, watching them grow and improve the quality of their coffee.

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and has been producing coffee for thousands of years. But the Guji region didn’t start growing coffee until about 20 years ago. One of the first farms in this region was Shakisso. Owner Haile Gebre and his wife believe organic is the only way to produce sustainable coffee and have poured their lives into the success of their farm.

Coffee cherry being picked by a farmer at the Shakisso coffee farm in Ethiopia.

Since we began sourcing from Shakisso in the early 2000s, we’ve been impressed with Haile’s commitment to sustainable, organic farming, as well as the varieties and meticulous sorting and processing practices on his farm. Haile has helped put Guji on the map, and earn the reputation this region has for quality and variety. Known as the “the king of Shakisso” not just for his farm but also for the people he employs and the social programs he’s worked on within the community.


Bag of light roast single origin Ethiopia Shakisso Natural, from our Small Batch Coffee lineup.

A lot of the coffee we buy from this farm goes into our Organic Espresso Bel Canto, but we feel this coffee is so special and has such a beautiful flavor profile on its own, we wanted to honor the coffee by releasing it as a single origin in our Small Batch lineup. The sun-dried, natural process brings out the fruitiness these coffees are known for. As the coffee cherries are delivered to the mill, they are meticulously hand sorted to enhance the quality and sweetness, resulting in a lush, fruit-drenched cup. With notes of cocoa, dried blueberry, and strawberry jam, we love our Organic Ethiopia Shakisso as a Chemex, drip, or even cold brew!

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