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Matcha Latte Recipe: Make Your Own At Home

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We’re adding a touch of green to our morning with a delicious (and easy to make at home) Matcha Latte recipe. It’s the perfect hot beverage if you’re looking for a coffee alternative, morning or afternoon. We used a French press to froth and strain the matcha (although a matcha whisk also works) so if you’re already a coffee brewer, you don’t need any extra equipment. Customize with any kind of milk and sweetener you like!


-1 tsp. Green Matcha Powder
-1oz hot water
-8 oz Milk (any kind)
-French Press
-Sweetener (honey/agave)


Step 1: Scoop 1 tsp matcha powder into French press. matcha latte recipe


Step 2: Add 1oz of hot water. Whisk mixture with a fork (or matcha whisk) until powder is mostly broken up and dissolved.

matcha latte recipe

Step 3: Add sweetener and mix to dissolve.

matcha latte recipe

Step 4: Add hot milk and plunge the press 5-6 times until frothy.

matcha latte recipe

Step 5: Pour into mug with press still inserted to strain any remaining matcha powder. Enjoy!

matcha latte recipe


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