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Small Batch Series

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Why Small Batch?

Sometimes we come across a coffee that is so spectacular and unique, but only available in small quantities. We decided to create a whole line dedicated to these exceptional coffees. They are rare, unexpected, and totally worth a try. Introducing our Small Batch lineup – one sip and you’ll see why we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. Available in our online store and select Whole Foods Markets.


Meet the new crew:

Mister Twister

Mister Twister: Any longtime Denverite remembers the ride Mister Twister at the old Elitch Gardens. The name is a throwback but the espresso is always fresh. Full-bodied and naturally sweet, this blend goes great with milk or your favorite dairy alternative, making it the perfect coffee for espresso-based drinks or a rich morning cup. Flavor Notes: Cherry, Peach, Toffee, Honey


Small Batch Myanmar

Myanmar: Taing Yinn Thu means “the beautiful lady,” honoring the hard work and efforts of the Myanmar women from the DaNu and the Pa-O indigenous groups. The very dry and hot weather during harvest season creates the perfect environment for sun-dried, natural processed coffees that brings sweetness to the cup. Flavor Notes: Rum Raisin, Dark Plum, Berry


Small Batch Colombia

Colombia: The fertile lands and mild climate of the Planadas municipality of Tolima, Colombia create an impressive and clean tasting washed process coffee. This remarkable lot shines with juicy stone fruit characteristics and a long, sweet finish. Flavor Notes: Caramel, Tangerine, Black Cherry


Small Batch El Salvador

El Salvador: Los Chelazos comes from two counties in the Chalantenango region of El Salvador called Citalá and La Palma. Both areas border the Montecristo Trifinio, a tri-border national park that was designated as a protected biosphere in 2011 and is incredibly rich in biodiversity. This region is often underrated, but we were pleasantly surmised by the quality in this sweet and creamy cup. Flavor Notes: Orange, Cinnamon, Caramel


Small Batch Ethiopia Lalisaa

Ethiopia Lalisaa: With its incredibly fertile soil and high elevation, southern Ethiopia’s Guji Zone is known for producing unique flavor profiles – like the remarkable floral, herbal, and citrus notes in this traditional washed process coffee. Lalisaa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing, which represents our direct trade relationship. Flavor Notes: Lavender, Tangerine, Nectarine


The Elements

The Elements: The Elements is a carefully roasted, seasonally fresh mix of coffee from our favorite growing regions in East Africa, Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim. This blend balances coffees from all three growing regions, creating a cup with heavy body and sweetness. Flavor Notes: Warming Spices, Dried Fruit, Caramel


Small Batch Kenya

Kenya: Grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya, the red, iron-rich volcanic soils offer some of the most intensely aromatic and bright coffees in the world. The producers’ emphasis on quality and the traditional wet process they use further refine the complex, floral notes in this extraordinary cup. Flavor Notes: Citrus, Blackberry



Burundi: Full of sweetness, this Bourbon variety is grown in Burundi’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil, which benefits from approximately 1200mm of rainfall a year. The unique double washed/double fermented processing method gives this coffee a deliciously clean and bright flavor profile. Flavor Notes: Nectarine, Oolong, Grape


Small Batch Decaf

Decaf Ethiopia: The high elevation and fresh water found in this region of Ethiopia create vibrantly clear flavors of stone fruit and citrus. Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process, even regular coffee drinkers love this Small Batch decaf. Really. Flavor Notes: Stone fruit, Mild Lemon, Cocoa Powder



Sumatra: Boru Batak refers to the women’s family heritage, as they are the backbone of the coffee economy in Lintong. The unique wet-hulled process and superior sorting methods of these coffee producers create distinctively complex and aromatic flavors with a syrupy body. Flavor Notes: Rosemary, Butterscotch, Molasses


Small Batch Costa Rica

Costa Rica: The volcanic soil and heavy rainfall in Costa Rica create a lush and nutrient-rich environment, perfect for growing coffee. This honey processed lot from the west valley strikes the perfect balance of complexity and subtle fruitiness that truly shines in the cup. Flavor Notes: Nougat, Lime, Chocolate


Small Batch Ethiopia Shakisso

Ethiopia Shakisso: Shakisso Farm, (also known as Mordecof) is located in the Guji zone in the southern Oromia Region. This organic, natural processed coffee requires high attention to detail in order to bring out the fruitiness these coffees are known for. As the coffee cherries are delivered to the mill, they are meticulously hand sorted to enhance the quality and sweetness, resulting in a lush, fruit-drenched cup. Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Dried Blueberry, Strawberry Jam


Now are you ready to give our Small Batch a try? Which one are you going to brew first?!

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Small Batch Series

  Why Small Batch? Sometimes we come across a coffee that is so spectacular and unique, but only available in small quantities. We decided to create a whole line dedicated to these exceptional coffees. They are rare, unexpected, and totally worth a try. Introducing our Small Batch lineup - one...

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