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Which coffee is best for your brew method?

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You might know which brew method you prefer, but are you brewing the right coffee for your cup? The same coffee can taste completely different depending on how you brew it. So we asked one of our coffee buyers, who travels the world to find the best coffee, which Allegro coffees are best for each brew method. These are her answers:


Auto-Drip Brewer: Mocha Java

Person using a vintage drip coffee maker as their brew method.


French Press: Italian Roast

Person brewing a French press.

Hario V60: Colombia Agustino Forest

Person brewing a pot of coffee with a Hario V60.

Chemex: Organic Breakfast Blend

Person brewing a chemex of coffee.

Aeropress: Organic Café la Dueña

Person brewing an aeropress coffee.


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