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Galapagos La Tortuga: The Islands of Turtles and Coffee

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Two years ago, our release of Galapagos La Tortuga was so delicious, we had to bring it back again. We roasted this year’s lot to bring out the notes of salted caramel, sweet spice, and lime- creating a truly unique cup. What makes this coffee even more remarkable is that it comes from one of the most magical coffee growing regions in the world. 

About 500 miles off the coast of Ecuador is the volcanic archipelago known for its unique and stunning geographic location, the Galapagos Islands. This is where the famous 100-year-old giant tortoises, thought to be extinct, were re-discovered and inspired the name of this coffee. The turtles represent so much about these amazing islands, the exotic animals, the sustainably focused farming practices, and the beauty all around. It’s the perfect symbol for such a beautiful coffee. 

Coffee farmer picking coffee cherry from a coffee tree in the Galapagos.

The coffee farmers here are all very conscious of the animals and plants that inhabit in the island. In fact, they consider themselves temporarily inhabitants and strongly believe that the owners of the land are the animals and nature. Our coffee comes specifically from the island of Santa Cruz and is produced by 7 members of the Cooperativa de Produccion Cafetalera de la Islas Galapagos. This co-op as a whole is composed of more than 80 producers and started in 1997 with the purpose of maintaining their coffee industry while at the same time conserving nature. 

Our small lot is part of the Minga del Cafe project on Santa Cruz where producers are hugely focused on quality improvements at their small shared wet mill. Every afternoon during harvest season, they bring the freshly picked and perfectly ripe cherries and use the range of pulpers, fermentations tanks, static and drum driers, raised beds all available at the mill. This is also a nice community gathering point were the farmers check in on each other, share processing ideas, and discuss their harvest as they mill their coffees side by side. We are thrilled to be able to support this wonderful and environmentally vital island and small community of focused farmers again this year with our limited edition offering of Galapagos La Tortuga.

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Pile of coffee cherry drying in a bed at a coffee farm in the Galapagos.

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