Guide to Alternative Milks: How to Pair Coffee with Dairy-Free Milk -

Guide to Alternative Milks: How to Pair Coffee with Dairy-Free Milk

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Once upon a time, if you had a dairy allergy or simply wanted to opt for a different option and change up your latte routine, soy was your only choice. Now, it seems that every few years a new alternative milk is added to the non-dairy aisle and shortly thereafter, people start adding it to their coffee. With more options than ever, it can be intimidating to figure out which one you’ll like best. Each option has a different flavor, consistency, and goes best with different kinds of drinks. To help you navigate the world of dairy-free coffee drinks, we’ve put together a handy alt milk guide with some of our favorite beverages we think go best with each (non) milk.

oat milk is great for hot and iced lattes


The newest trend in dairy-free and quickly gaining popularity and love among coffee drinkers for its extra creamy texture. It’s great for hot or iced lattes and makes a great cortado. 


almond milk is great in flavored lattes


Because almond milk has less sugar than other options, it’s perfect for flavored lattes. While vanilla reigns in popularity, an almond milk latte goes great with any flavored syrup.


Soy milk is delicious in cappuccinos


The original go-to option for dairy-free drinkers. Soy makes great, lush foam – perfect for cappuccinos. Give it a try! 


Coconut milk is tasty with superfood lattes like golden milk


One of the less popular options, as some don’t like coconut milk with coffee. But try it in a superfood latte like golden milk and you might change your mind. 


Whether you choose a dairy-free option for allergy reasons or for taste, next time you’re at one of our coffee bars, switch up your regular order and give one of our favorite alt milk drinks a try. You just might find a new favorite! Are you an at home coffee drinker? Shop our online store and we’ll ship right to your door. Then try making your own version of these delicious dairy-free drinks! 

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