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How to Brew Camp Coffee with an Aeropress

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Whether you’re glamping for a night or on a week long backpacking trek, there’s nothing better than waking up in nature with the sunrise to brew a fresh cup of coffee. We love bringing an Aeropress on our adventures because they are lightweight, easy to pack, easy to clean, and easy to brew! We love our Organic Café la Dueña with this brew method. Intimidated to press? We have simple how-to steps below.



1. Place filter into Aeropress and pour water over filter to rinse. Pour roughly 3 tablespoons of ground coffee into press.

Person scooping ground coffee into an aeropress chamber.

2. Filler brew chamber with hot water and set timer for one minute.

Person placing the aeropress cap over the chamber with coffee brewing inside.

3. Give coffee grounds a quick stir and let sit for another 3 minutes.

Person stirring coffee grounds in hot water inside an aeropress chamber.

4. Press coffee over mug.

Person plunging coffee from an aeropress over a camp mug.

5. Enjoy your coffee while you enjoy the outdoors!

Person holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee while camping.

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