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How To Make Easy Cold Brew At Home

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If you’re one of the many coffee drinkers who switches from hot to cold coffee during the summer, this recipe is for you. With about five minutes of prep, you’ll have cold brew ready to-go for days! No special brewing equipment is necessary.


Items Needed:

1.5 quart or larger size container (we love using a french press or a 1.5 quart-sized mason jar)

Fine mesh strainer (optional, if using a mason jar)

1 cup coarsely ground coffee (we recommend Organic Café La Dueña)

1 quart filtered water



Step 1: Place 1 cup coarsely ground coffee in a clean container. Coffee grinds should visually be about the size of sea salt.

Person pouring coarsely ground coffee into a mason jar.

Step 2: Pour 1 quart of cold, filtered water to your container over your ground coffee.

Person pouring a quart of filtered water over top coffee grounds in a mason jar.

Step 3: Thoroughly stir your mixture to make sure all of the grounds are completely wet.

Step 4: Cover and chill your mixture for eight to twelve hours. We like to prepare our cold brew in the evening, and leave it overnight to brew in the refrigerator.

Coffee grounds and water in a mason jar, creating cold brew coffee.

Step 5: Pour your mixture through a fine mesh strainer over a pitcher to separate the grounds. If using a french press, simply press the plunger down and pour your cold brew into a fresh pitcher and – voila! You have a pitcher of cold brew concentrate just waiting to caffeinate you. Mix the concentrate with cold water to taste and store the remaining concentrate in the refrigerator.

Person pouring cold brew coffee mixture over a fine mesh strainer sitting atop a pitcher.

Cold brew concentrate can be used in recipes, too – we love it in our lavender vanilla bliss brew.

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