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Organic Mexico La Corona de Chiapas

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Allegro Coffee has been purchasing from the GRAPOS (Grupos de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable S.C) cooperative since 2017. GRAPOS is a cooperative of 2,830 members in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico. GRAPOS started in 2007 with 90 producers and has grown steadily over the years. Their focus now is not on increasing membership, but continuing to work with current members who understand the importance of using organic farming methods best practices.

The cooperative works in 214 communities in Chiapas. For our coffee lots, we work with 100 producers in five small communities surrounding the city of Siltepec – Porvenir, Angel Diaz, Siltepec, Llano Grande and Honduras. These communities, with high elevations and ideal micro-climates, are known for producing high-quality specialty coffees. Working with a smaller producer group within the larger organization of GRAPOS lets us focus on tangible and achievable quality improvements. It also maximizes the impact of our purchase and the price paid to these 100 small lot producers.

Why We Source GRAPOS

Coffees from the cluster of GRAPOS farms go into our Fair Trade Organic MEXICO CORONA de CHIAPAS. For this single-origin coffee, we look for the best Mexico has to offer and rotate through lots. The coffees from GRAPOS are an example of this quality. GRAPOS is committed to improving the quality of their coffees, step by step, year after year. Through a project with the importer, exporter and cooperative, this supply chain is an example of what can happen if everyone involved takes an active role.

In the Cup

High quality coffees from Southern Mexico and have an easy-drinking profile our customers enjoy. It’s balanced, with soft citric acidity, notes of chocolate, caramel and pleasant nut. Great on its own or served with cream, choice of milk and sugar.

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Allegro sourcing team with members of the GRAPOS cooperative on a farm in Mexico

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