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Amber's Origin Trip to Costa Rica: From Seed to Cup

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By Amber Barkley, Team Leader – Allegro Coffee Roasters Bowery (NYC)

From Seed to Cup and the People In Between

Everyone I spoke to about the Allegro origin trip to Costa Rica told me that it would change my whole outlook on coffee. They said that no matter how passionate I was about it, no matter how amazing I found it, no matter the admiration I felt for the people who grow and process coffee, that was nothing compared to how I would feel after I saw it for myself. They were right.

I was fortunate to be selected to attend this year’s origin trip to Costa Rica, where we visited the Las Lomas and Sumava coffee farms who grow our single origin coffees, wet mills, and the Exclusive Coffee dry mill. Every step of the way, we met people who take honest pride in their work. A woman coffee farmer at Las Lomas who never stopped smiling, the owner of Exclusive Coffee who told us that his company was created to fill a niche and help small farmers grow, or the harvesters who quietly and efficiently focused on their work.

Embodying Allegro’s values

It was a true honor to meet and learn from these people, who embody everything we stand for at Allegro Coffee. The farmers experiment with different varieties of coffee plants and processing methods, searching for the best cup. Exclusive Coffee roasts and tastes small batches of the coffee they process. This allows them to provide feedback to the farmers and recommend which  lots to enter in competitions. The harvesters are well-paid and well-treated. It shows in the care they take to hand-pick only the ripest cherries.

Touching, tasting, & smelling coffee’s journey

Everywhere we went, we were encouraged to touch and taste. The coffee cherries right off the branch, tough skin and light fruit, bland and sweet, bitter when chewed too long. Coffee seeds, slick and pale right out of the fruit, sticky and warm on drying beds in the sun, rough in our fingers and smelling musty-sweet. Touching, smelling and tasting every part coffee’s journey, along with the people responsible, made me feel incredibly humbled and proud to be a barista, part of the journey in my small way.

There is no limit on things to learn about coffee. But what impressed upon me the most during the origin trip was this: the amount of labor and care that goes into crafting a single cup of coffee, as the beans change hands from farmer to processor to exporter to buyer to roaster to baristas like me, is immense and intensive. Coffee is about people, and the stories we share. Every cup brings us together, from New York to Colorado to Costa Rica and beyond.

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