We’re proud to feature this remarkable group of women for our next Allegro Coffee Roasters Limited Edition Series release.

The Matão Mulheres do Café group is composed of 24 women members and located in the southern state of Parana in Brazil. The group was formed in 2013 with just 12 members but has grown since they opened a centralized wet mill that allows them to process micro-lots that show great results in cupping competitions.

The recognition and rewards from these competitions have been life altering for the group and brought Matão coffee to the attention of quality focused international buyers.

The coffee is 100% hand-picked collectively by the women. They go as a group from farm to farm throughout the harvest season to cover the total of 68 hectares they own. The coffee is then taken to the mill where it is pulped to remove the cherry husk and dried in the sun with the fruit still covering the parchment beans. This is called a honey process and it creates the luscious characteristics of this coffee.