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Northwest Peppermint

Bright powerful mint, soothing, refreshing finish

The lively, fresh flavor of organic peppermint is the single ingredient in our excellent Northwest Peppermint herbal tea. Nature’s most beloved pick-me-up, peppermint is soothing, settling, and renewing, and is a tea as delicious hot as it is iced.

    Caffeine Free

Tropical Honeybush

Soft, smooth honey, exotic tropical fruit

Honeybush—a plant native to South Africa and prized for its healing antioxidant properties—is named for the wild-honey aroma of its flowers. To make our Tropical Honeybush tea, we’ve blended its naturally caffeine-free, organically-grown blossoms with organic rose petals, hibiscus, and chamomile, then infused them with the natural aromas of vanilla, guava and passionfruit.