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Decaf Lemon Green

Lemon and subtle honey, sweet and soft.

Weve accented the smooth, delicate flavor of organic green tea with a hint of bright lemon in our sweetly simple Decaf Lemon Green tea. Decaffeinated through an environmentally-friendly CO2 process to preserve its naturally occurring antioxidants, its subtle flavor is gently restorative any time of day or night.

Decaf Minty Green

Soothing and refreshing.

Our Decaf Minty Green tea is a blend of cool, refreshing organic peppermint and fine organic green tea and is decaffeinated through a gentle, environmentally-friendly CO2 process to preserve its character, flavor and naturally-occurring antioxidants. Fragrant, delicate, and naturally refreshing, its deliciously soothing and stimulating.

Green Earl Grey

Citrus with a hint of lemon, bergamot flavor, slight floral notes.

Our Green Earl Grey tea is a blend of organic green and black teas, infused with tangy bergamot and zesty lemon for bright, bracing complexity. Its wakening, lively, and sweetly satisfying flavor make an ideal breakfast and afternoon tea.

Asian Gen Mai Cha

Traditional green tea with toasted rice.

Our Asian Gen Mai Cha is savory and well-balanced, created by blending Japanese-style bancha organic green tea and toasted brown rice. With an aroma reminiscent of steamed vegetables and cooked rice, this classic tea treasure is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, and deliciously restorative on its own.

Citrus Spice

Mellow green tea with light citrus and spice.

The delightful, tangy flavors in our Citrus Spice tea come from natural fruits, herbs and spices, blended with certified organic green tea leaves. Its bright complexity and warm spiciness add a festive touch to any meal, and is especially perfect when paired with dark chocolate desserts.

Decaffeinated Green

Ultra-mellow decaffeinated green tea.

Our Decaf Green tea is made with the finest organic green tea grown in mainland China. We use a gentle, environmentally-friendly CO2 decaffeination process to best preserve its elegant character, flavor, and naturally-occurring antioxidants. It's smooth, light, and wonderfully satisfying.

Pomegranate Green

Vibrant, with hints of pomegranate and cranberry.

We scent the finest Chinese green tea with the natural, brilliant flavors of pomegranate and cranberry to make our Pomegranate Green tea. The fruit essences add light sweetness and vibrancy to the herbaceous green tea flavor. It's satisfying and delicious served hot, delightfully refreshing iced.

Northwest Minty Green

Full-bodied, aromatic and refreshing.

The organic spearmint and peppermint grown in the mineral-rich valleys of the Pacific Northwest is considered to be the world's best, which is why we've chosen to use it in our Northwest Minty Green tea. We've blended it with organic Chinese green tea to create a sweetly pungent, robust tea that is classically refreshing. Brew strong for fullest flavor. Add a touch of honey or sugar to bring out its natural sweetness.

Jasmine Green

Luscious green tea scented with real jasmine.

Pan-fired young green tea leaves and delicate jasmine blossoms give our Jasmine Green tea an exquisitely exotic flavor. Light and complex, with subtle overtones of sweet perfume and a hint of earthy nuttiness, this is a tea that refreshes your spirit and awakens your senses, any time of day.

Himalayan Green

A blend of Indian green Darjeeling and Chinese teas.

Our Himalayan Green tea is an ultra-smooth blend of organic Chinese and Indian Darjeeling green teas. It's pleasantly medium-bodied, lacking the harsh astringency common to some green tea blends. The leaves we use are grown and harvested under sustainable farming methods that enrich the land, support workers, and deliver teas of unequaled character.