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Chocolate Pu'er

Mexican cocoa flavor with a hint of cinnamon.

A great introduction to the richness of pu'er tea. We combined aged tea leaves at their peak flavor with cocoa nibs and cinnamon to create this balanced tea.

Organic Aged Pu'er

Rich, bold, earthy, robust

Our aged pu'er is made by fermenting sun-dried green tea leaves until they become darkened and reddish-black in color—then aging them until the reach their peak flavor.

Decaf Ginger Peach

Mellow peach, warm ginger with a smooth finish.

Fragrant summer peaches and tangy ginger infuse organically-grown black tea in our classic Decaf Ginger Peach Black tea. Decaffeinated through a gentle, environmentally-friendly CO2 process to preserve its flavor and naturally occurring antioxidants, it’s lively and sweetly refreshing and makes a wonderful afternoon treat, especially when served over ice.

Ginger Peach Black Tea

Smooth peach flavor with a lingering spicy finish.

The brisk, full flavor of organically grown black tea is infused with luscious peach and tangy ginger in our classic Ginger Peach Black tea. Lively and sweetly refreshing, it’s a wonderful afternoon treat, especially when served over ice.

Breakfast Blend Tea

Brisk, balanced and inspiring.

Our classic Breakfast Blend black tea is a blend of ultra-smooth Ceylon and bold Indian teas, grown and harvested on certified organic estates in the highlands of Sri Lanka and lush jungles of Assam. Though traditionally enjoyed first thing in the morning, this enlivening tea is wonderful at any hour—whenever you need to jump-start your day.

Decaf Black

Gently brisk decaffeinated black tea.

Our Decaf Black tea is made with the finest organic black tea grown throughout the world. We use a gentle environmentally-friendly CO2 decaffeination process to best preserve its elegant character, flavor, and naturally-occurring antioxidants. It's smooth, light, and wonderfully satisfying.

Earl Grey

Full and hearty, with uplifting citrus notes.

Our Earl Grey black tea is an inspired version of the world's most popular scented tea. Balanced and hearty, with natural bergamot and a hint of ripe lemon, it has a distinctive flavor and aroma that is enticing, yet not overpowering. Excellent with pastries and desserts, with or without a splash of milk or cream.

Estate Ceylon

Mellow yet full bodied, from pristine estates.

Distinctively mellow flavor, brilliant color, and delightful aroma define our Estate Ceylon black tea. The organic leaves are handpicked in the highlands of the Sri Lankan hills, where the growers share our commitment to sustainable growing practices and worker well-being. Delicious alone, or add milk and honey to taste.

Indian Chai

Classic Indian chai with exotic sweet spices.

The black teas in our organic Indian Chai are harvested from premiere organic tea estates from across that beautiful, ancient country. Blended with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper, and other natural flavors, this classic tea is rich and soothing on it own. For an indulgent, silky-smooth tea, try it the traditional way—brewed extra strong and mixed with hot milk and honey.

Splendid Oolong

Beautiful Balanced Asian-style tea.

Our Splendid Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea with a flowery, lively mix of oolong flavors. Sublime hints of spice and roasted nuts create an intriguing balance of vegetal and earthy, in a tea that's refreshing and awakening any time of day.