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Organic Espresso Colombia Tres Cruces

Butterscotch, cherry, dark chocolate.

The 125 member Association de Productores Organicos del Cauca which calls itself "Orgánica" is located outside the town of Popayán in the mountainous Cauca region of Colombia. This cooperative—under the sound leadership of Sr. Nelson Melo—has been certified organic since 2005, and continuously looks for solutions to deal with issues related to organic production capacity, organic pest management, disease mitigation, and organic composting techniques. The coffee beans are typically washed and fermented and then dried on covered patios on each individual farm. The Orgánica member farms span in size up to 20 hectares with elevations ranges from 1500-2000m (5000-6500 ft.)


Organic Espresso Ethiopia Suke Quto

Plum, white grape, bergamot.

The Guji zone of Ethiopia is located south of the well-known Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffee regions, and is part of the greater Oromia region. A few farms in this area have been making a name for themselves over the last couple of years. One of these farms is Suke Quto. It is situated between 1830-1950m (6000-6400ft) and totals 220 hectares. The soil on the farm is healthy volcanic rich loam littered with leaf fall from the shade tree canopy that towers over the mixed heirloom variety coffee shrubs. The coffee is fully-washed and fermented at the farm's washing station, and dried in the sun on elevated beds. This combination of environment, variety and processing creates a sparkling cup profile with fresh fruit notes—resulting in a very nuanced and lively espresso.


Espresso Papua New Guinea Baroida

Papaya, nutmeg, walnut.

Baroida Plantation is located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and was founded in the early 1960's by an Australian named Tom Colbran. The estate is situated at 1700m (5600 feet) and dead-center between the Eastern Highlands and the other famed coffee region in the Western Highlands—Mt Hagen. The name Baroida comes from an old traditional spirit that was believed to reside in a large rock that lies in the middle of the river that runs through the estate. This rock is believed to have this spirit because even though the river often has large floods that has washed away all other rocks and stones, this one particular rock remains. Mr. Colbran purchased the land from an indigenous man named Taro and started out making it productive for vegetable farming to sell in the Lae city market. Later in 1965, the government encouraged the early highland settlers to start growing coffee as a long term sustainable economic and agricultural activity for the country and that became the new focus of the farm. Now three generations later the Colbran family still produces distinctive lots from their mix of Typica, Bourbon, and Arusha coffee varieties.

    Medium-Dark Roast

Organic Espresso Sierra

Syrupy, sweet and spicy.

This powerhouse coffee is an ideal foundation for a first-rate cappuccino or caffe latte. Coffees from the Americas are combined with select Pacific Rim beans and roasted to a deep, dark, oily brown. This measured, but aggressive style of roast transforms the unique characteristics of beans from the two different continents into a hearty and supremely satisfying organic blend. One of the coffees used in our Espresso Sierra is from a farm called Santa Catarina, located in Chiapas, Mexico. This double certified coffee farm acts as an environmental buffer on the border of the Truinfo Biosphere Reserve. This misty cloudforest is in constant threat from deforestation but the fully shaded coffee farm helps protect it from illegal logging and soil erosion. Allegro has been buying coffee from St. Catarina since 1997.

Organic Espresso Bel Canto ®

Nuts, berries, citrus and floral.

The name means "beautiful song", and we take great care to make sure the flavor of this blend matches this image. We develop this complex Northern Italian style espresso like a great painter would organize his canvas. First, we create a base layer of low hues from heavy and nutty beans from the Americas, onto which we splash bursts of vibrant color from the fruit-kissed coffees of Ethiopia. This also makes an elegant drip-brewed coffee.

    Medium-Dark Roast

Organic Italian Roast

Hearty, rich and velvety.

This hearty southern Italian-style espresso blend is powerfully aromatic with a rich, velvety finish. A blend of Latin American beans are roasted to a hearty, dark degree creating the perfect base for an espresso drink or for a luscious, full-flavored brewed coffee.

Decaf Organic Espresso Bel Canto ®

Mild, nutty and floral.

This nutty, floral northern Italian-style espresso blend consisting of Latin American and East African beans, is decaffeinated at the Swiss Water plant in Vancouver BC using a natural water and carbon filter method.

Decaf Organic Italian Roast

Hearty, rich, velvety.

This hearty southern Italian-style espresso blend is powerfully aromatic with a rich, velvety finish. A blend of beans from stellar Fair Trade certified farms in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru are roasted to a hearty, dark degree which makes the perfect base for an espresso drink or for a luscious, full-flavored brewed coffee.