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Coffee Blends

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    Light Roast

Breakfast Blend

Milk chocolate, caramel, citrus.

For this lively morning blend we work with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in East Africa and Latin America. These farms follow the tenets of the Sustainable Action Network to grow their coffee in balance with the surrounding ecosystems. This includes practices around water and soil conservation, wildlife protection, and crop management. In addition to environmental concerns the farms also incorporate higher standards around worker well-being and community interaction. We select coffee lots from these farms that bring to the forefront sparkling acidity and sweet finish.

Organic Café La Dueña

Balanced, sweet and chocolaty

A blend from small-holder women farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico and San Ignacio, Peru. In the past the women's beans were mixed with respective male co-ops to make many fine coffee lots. We noticed over the years that on the cupping table the women's coffees outshined the men's. That, and the fact that historically female coffee growers received little recognition for their hard work, we decided to ask that beans be separated to make a women's super lot. Café La Dueña is the end result.

Organic Continental Blend

Huge body and complexity—herbal and fruit-tinged

The idea behind this blend was to bring together the flavors of three great growing regions on three different continents—fruit notes from the Guji district of Ethiopia, earth tones from Aceh in Northern Sumatra and chocolaty sweetness from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. When combined each coffee's unique characteristics creates a powerfully flavorful and satisfying cup.

    Medium-Dark Roast

Organic Early Bird Blend

Mellow, roasted nuts, cocoa.

This blend is comprised of beans from Smithsonian Bird-Friendly certified farms in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Chiapas, Mexico. This strict shade certification ensures multi-layers of shade canopy over the coffee and provides a protective habitat for migratory bird populations.

Organic French Roast

Sweet, smoky and smooth.

In 2008, we established relationships with three co-ops in the town of San Ignacio, Peru called Aprocasi, Chirinos, and Frontera. Farmers in San Ignacio enthusiastically adhere to an integrated system of farming that allows for no chemicals to be used. They say, "if you use a chemical to kill a pest, then you also kill its predator, thus killing the entire ecosystem." The monies they receive from their Fair Trade premium go to social programs and technical farm support.

    Light-And-Dark Roast

Organic Whole Foods Blend

Spicy, sweet and smoky.

This is a blend based on contrast. We take a light roasted base blend of high mountain Latin American beans and to that add some of our Pacific Rim influenced French Roast to create a coffee that is as distinctive in taste as it is in appearance.

    Medium Roast

Blend No. 4

Syrupy and deeply sweet

We wanted a blend where we could combine the flavors from what we used to call an 'al fine' roast (a musical term that means 'to the end') of a special east African lot and a highland Guatemala lot. At this slightly 'darker' roast level these bright and fruit forward coffees turn syrupy and deeply sweet, and the combination of the two make for a real powerhouse cup.

    Medium Roast

Blue Nile Blend

Intense berry and spice notes

Exotic and complex with notes of dried cherry, strawberry, tobacco, nutmeg and fragrant wood. This fruity and wild intermingling pays homage to the greatness of Arabica coffee's birthplace–Ethiopia. We blend naturally sun-dried coffees from the motherland's many diverse growing regions.

    Light Roast


Deep and syrupy with notes of maple, golden raisin, and black mission fig.

Café UBUNTU is a delicious combination of flavors from four distinctive East African coffees, Rwanda Kinunu, Burundi Burenza, Tanzania Machare, and Zambia Terranova. These carfeully selected and meticulously processed coffees join harmoniously together to create a cup with great depth and sweetness with rich notes of golden raisin, maple and fig. We named this blend Café UBUNTU to highlight the interconnectedness of all of us working to provide better lives for families in Maai Mahiu, better lives for Allegro coffee growers in East Africa and better lives for our customers through the connections that drinking truly excellent coffee together brings. 10¢ from each bag sold goes to support Comfort The Children, International.

    Medium Roast

Mocha Java

Deep berry and spice undertones and a rich syrupy body.

Lush and syrupy with notes of black cherries, chocolate, and sweet spices. The world's first coffee blend was a combination of Arabian beans shipped through the now defunct port of Moka (in the present day country of Yemen) and beans from the old East Indies colony of Java in Indonesia. In our classic interpretation of this ancient blend we use generous amounts of exotic, fruit-tinged East African and Arabian coffees mixed with syrupy and spicy beans from Indonesia.

    Medium Roast

Vienna Roast

Rich and smooth.

A blend of beans from Central America roasted to the ideal degree to highlight sweetness and accentuate body. This smooth mid-range roast is great any time of day.

    Medium-Dark Roast

Rainforest Blend

Cocoa, toasted almond, caramel.

Our Rainforest Blend combines beans from three farms—Guatemala's Santo Tomas Pachuj, Costa Rica Santa Anita, and Nicaragua La Bastilla. All three farms follow the tenets of the Rainforest Alliance certification. This includes superior housing and schools for the workers on the farm; ecological farming practices, like manual weeding and shade trees; and the reuse of farming bi-products like converting coffee mucilage into bio-gas to run the worker's kitchen's, and composting the coffee cherry for use as fertilizer for the coffee.

    Dark Roast

Extra Dark French

Full-bodied and smoky.

The name French Roast may be common, but our version is not. It's heavier, sweeter and richer than most—sweet and smoky with notes of stewed berries and black pepper. With artisan care our roasters take beans from Latin America known for their bright berry notes and carefully roast them into an aggressively dark, but seductively syrupy and smoky elixir.