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Earth University Costa Rican

Classically rich and creamy, with subtle notes of coffee.

We source the cacao used to make our Costa Rican drinking chocolate from a certified organic farm in the Caribbean lowlands, surrounded by pineapple and banana plantations. It’s a classic dark chocolate: creamy, and slightly sweet, with subtle coffee notes and a beautiful auburn hue. A consummate crowd-pleaser, this chocolate is a wonderful, all-occasion treat.

Ghana 80

Intensely dark with a sumptuous lingering finish.

For generations, the family farms of Ghana have produced shade-grown cacao beans of wondrous quality. The ripe pods are first harvested by hand, laid between banana leaves to ferment on the forest floor, and finally dried in the warm African sun. The result is an intensely dark, richly flavored chocolate, mysteriously decadent in drinking form.

Dominican Republic 47

Rich, earthy, and bittersweet, with subtle notes of nutmeg and clove.

We find the original methods sometimes are the best. The wonderful cacao used in our Dominican drinking chocolate is from the CONACADO Cooperative, the largest organic fair trade co-op in the world. Because farming in this region never “modernized,” organic growing methods have been a way of life for generations. The cacao beans they produce have a classically rich and earthy, bittersweet flavor, with subtle notes of nutmeg and clove.

Dominican White Chocolate

Creamy, buttery with notes of coconut, mango and vanilla orchids.

We find that nothing conveys flavor more wonderfully than pure cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa pod — the principle component of true white chocolate. With the addition of sweet cream, butter and vanilla, white chocolate makes an aromatic romantic beverage with subtle flavor notes of coconut, dried mango and aromatic orchids. White hot chocolate is the perfect foil for espresso based mochas.

Indian Spice 47

Dark chocolate blended with the cinnamon, ginger and cardamom of classic chai.

We’ve blended traditional chai spices with chocolate from the Dominican Republic for an exotic, aromatic blend of flavors. Cinnamon, sharply sweet ginger and cardamom balance this exquisite chocolate’s subtle hints of orange blossom and jasmine beautifully, resulting in a creamy, spicy, sweet drinking chocolate that is supremely satisfying.

Mayan Spice 64

Wonderfully warming, with mild chili, allspice and black pepper.

We’ve rediscovered the legendary chocolate drink of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, complete with its original blend of bold, savory spices. This alchemy of chocolate and mild sweet chilies, allspice and black pepper creates a wonderfully warming, invigorating drink. An ideal cool weather treat, yet uniquely tantalizing any time of year.