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FLXBUS. February 18, 2015

Connecting Through Coffee

People gather for coffee in Sarasota

Coffee’s role as a community maker is known. It’s a catalyst over which people come together and talk about myriad topics. Often the coffee itself is enough of an impetus to get the connection juices flowing. Other times something else is required to jump-start the process. Here on the road that “something” is the FLXBUS.


Part of our job entails serving Allegro’s coffees to customers of Whole Foods Market® stores and maximizing our brief interactions to convey the most positive impression of our products. It’s an “elevator conversation” a hundred times a day—the majority of those impressions are made through the serving window of the bus. But there’s another realm of impressions, which though they may be fewer in number, are no less important. These fall into what we refer to as roadside impressions.



RV parks have two things we require almost daily—fresh water and a place to pump-out our coffee waste from the day’s event. They’re also a place to meet people


A roadside impression can happen anywhere other than at the official event location: Fuel fill-ups, rest area stops, restaurant parking lots, hotel registration desks and parking lots and—most commonly—before the event starts while we’re setting up. It’s at these times that we’re stationary, most accessible, and have more than a few moments to chat with someone.

Pre event chill time can make for quality time with people drawn to the bus

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