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About Allegro

About us

Take a sip of Allegro. Not bad, huh? Well, it’s far more than not bad. It’s fantastic. Fantastic that you--and we--are changing lives with each sip. From grower to exporter to roaster to packer to barista, we are a chain of people doing our best every step of the way, making sure that your drink is a cup of fantastic.

Hey, we don’t think it’s wrong to quest after more--more caring, more connection, more doing what’s right. And we especially don’t think it’s wrong to do it one amazing cup of coffee at a time. We earnestly believe we could call that a win, win, win, win...

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When we’re not in some far-flung corner of the universe discovering the very best coffee, we’re here creating and spreading the love. Roasting, cupping, marketing, packaging and more all happen in our Thornton, Colorado home with the majestic Rocky mountains right outside our window.

There’s even our roastery café right downstairs. We’ve been known to head down there and practice the perfect shot and maybe even some coffee art. It’s like waking up and smelling the coffee all day long. 

You can enjoy a perfectly prepared, freshly roasted cup, too. Visit us from 7 am-2 pm Monday through Friday. There's even free wifi so you can get some work done, or tweet about the experience.

Social Responsibility

Fair Trade sets a bottom price for living wage. We pay more. Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure livelihoods. We do more. Whole Trade means higher standards. We do all of this while producing some seriously excellent coffee and tea. We manage to care completely about how each and every one of our products is produced while simultaneously creating beautiful tastes.